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Beautiful and simple, a wooden deck is easily accessible and is the most cost-effective way to enhance your backyard. Even will raise your home’s value in the future, your wood deck will be a perfect entertainment addition that will heighten the value of your home!

R&R Backyard Remodeling have over 2 decades of experience working on backyards in the Bay Area, so no deck job is new to us. Working exclusively on backyards has given us an edge when it comes to decking that other contractors cannot match.

With great care to every detail, we will make sure that your new deck project turns out exactly like you pictured it. Using quality 3D design we will bring your vision to life step by step. We will take care of everything from start to finish and leave you to enjoy your new deck design.

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Why should I hire professionals for my backyard remodeling?

By hiring a licensed contractor, you are leaving your backyard in the hands of experienced professionals. For every project we take there is a team of engineers, designers, consultants and builders that are well experienced and make sure that your project is handled with care, start to finish. We will take care of permits from the city, 3D designs to help visualize, advising as far as best materials and recommendations for your projects, quality build that will endure and customer service that will address any concern along the way.

Depending on the work needed to be done, you might need to get a permit for your deck project. It is best to consult with experts before any project to stay on the safe side.
We use high-quality commercial-grade weed barrier fabrics that prevent the vegetation underneath from reaching the deck surface. On top of the fabric, we put inches of stone to give the surface a nice finished look underneath.

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